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It is never too soon to hearl your heart. (1).png

Heal Your Broken Heart

Anyone who has experienced the end of a romantic relationship or divorce, whether recently or long ago.

Anyone who has experienced a string of broken romances and is tired of the merry-go-round.

Anyone who recognizes that their current romantic involvement is on rocky ground but doesn't

know why or what to do about it.

Anyone who has stopped trying to find happiness in a romantic relationship, believing that it just isn't possible.

Anyone who has unresolved loss and wants to heal their heart.


The Grief Recovery Method – Evidence Base Program will help!

Why use the Grief Recovery Method for healing:

Like most people, you associate the word grief exclusively with death. But in reality, a romantic breakup aka

divorce is the “death” of a relationship.  It ends the hopes, dreams, and expectations that we had for the future.

We feel grief following the change or end of any familiar pattern of behavior.

Grief Recovery Method Program

Moving On – He gives strength to the weary (GRM)

Discover the pathway to a healed heart

Release the pain & grief caused by loss, start living now

Become the director of your life, your future is bright

A 7 Week Healing & Transformation Program


Let's Chat - Schedule a FREE Discovery Session

Heal Your Heart
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